Nutrition types

Muscle Gain

These Poke boxes contain a double serving of protein to boost muscle building. If gaining lean mass/getting stronger is your goal, or you’re an athlete with a demanding training schedule, a larger quantity of protein and calories will be highly beneficial. Sufficient protein intake will enable the growth and repair of muscle cells and aid recovery, so that you can achieve your goals efficiently, and feel good doing it!


The word ‘pescatarian’ is a mix of the Italian word ‘pesce’ meaning fish, and the word vegetarianism. So, a Pescatarian diet includes lots of vegetarian recipes, but with the addition of fish.

Consuming fish and seafood varieties adds quality sources of protein to your diet which help to support exercise and contributes to weight management.

Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna steak have the added benefit of omega 3 fatty acids which help to lower inflammation, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve heart health. Research shows that the benefits of omega 3s are wide-ranging – the effects on the brain means that they help to fight depression and improve cognitive function including better decision-making and ability to focus.

Fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters should also incorporate oily fish regularly to improve bone and tendon health.


Eating a diet free from meat products means that a vegetarian diet usually has a high fibre content, due to the abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds & legumes. Because this diet is incredibly plant-heavy, it can help improve blood lipid profiles and support heart health.

The supermarket shelves are stacked with veggie substitutes which can be helpful but it’s also important to notice the heavy processing of some of these products.

At Poke Food, we include natural sources of protein, accompanied by small amounts of calcium-rich dairy and plenty of vibrant grains and vegetables, all flavoured in the most exciting way.


Veganism is fast becoming a more popular way of eating – it’s a diet free from animal products, so no meat and no dairy – and thus, a low level of saturated fat.

Veganism is often associated with weight-loss because there is a limit on what vegans can eat and what they can, is generally considered healthy, but we should be aware of the potential loss of some nutrients through eating in this way (most notably the difficulty of consuming quality protein sources). But don’t worry, at Poke Food, we’ve got you covered!

Our protein-inspired meals are created in a way to ensure satiety, support muscle mass, improve immune system and contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails.

We also incorporate legumes and leafy greens into our meals to increase iron consumption, alongside other important minerals.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a vegan diet, it’s important you maintain a good balance of all nutrients to stay fit and healthy.


You might find that you feel better on a diet that excludes gluten and dairy and includes low FODMAP foods – and we cater for that too!

Perhaps you have frequent digestive discomfort so want to trial a diet that eliminates potential stressors?

Our meals combine foods that are considered low-FODMAP but please be aware that we suggest you visit your GP if you have been diagnosed with, or are concerned that you suffer with, specific gut/digestive conditions.

If you are choosing to follow a low-FODMAP diet for a long period of time, we suggest you support this diet with additional supplementation to ensure you’re not missing out on vital nutrients.

Low Carb

Touted as an effective weight-loss (or fat-loss) method because in reducing intake of this macronutrient, you can more easily reduce the amount of calories you consume, which will enable you to lose weight.

It could also ensure lower blood glucose levels due to improved insulin sensitivity which means the cells can utilise glucose more efficiently for both health and performance goals. Insulin sensitivity can also improve body composition and increase muscle-building.

These meals are mostly based around 20% protein and 70% fat sources (with only 10% of the calories coming from carbohydrates), so the satiation factor is still high, meaning you won’t even notice they’re low carb! Win-win!

Low Calorie

Do you have serious body goals or do you simply fancy a diet lighter in calories?

The meals included in this package, whilst balanced, are all under 400 calories so will support weight loss goals. Whist they might be low in calories, they aren’t low in flavour or goodness so eat up and enjoy!