Welcome to our kitchen at Poké Food!

Nutrition for All

The Hawaiian Poke Bowl has been a staple of Samoan and Hawaiian cuisine for decades, filling bellies and feeding minds with fresh fish and whole food ingredients. While ceviche and poke style dishes have long been favourites in tropical kitchens around the world, you might be a bit surprised to find these brightly coloured, citrusy, bowls of wonder hanging around in Cornwall. The multi-layered, multi-textured, British-born treats that our kitchens serve up are no accident though, even if the “light bulb” moment was. 

The idea was hatched during a random dog walking conversation with an incredible friend- who just so happens to be a fabulous health coach, personal trainer and nutritionist. Like most great ideas, it came to us completely out of the blue and unexpectedly. During our random chat while out with our favourite animals, we got to talking about the frustrations and hurdles that we all face when it comes to getting excellent nutrition, while still being allowed to eat foods that are filled with flavour and a feast for the eyes. We realised that a Poké Bowl is a beautifully balanced compilation of essential macro and micro nutrients, in sensible quantities, that can be adjusted with ease and tastes delicious. Not to mention they can be responsibly packed and lovingly produced in a way that suits busy schedules and anyone who wants to eat well.

Fed Up with Fad Diets

Poké Food provides nutritionally balanced, prepared meals and conscious catering targeted at those who want to choose mindful eating and health- even if they think they don’t have the time or knowledge to do so. Our belief is that the food we eat is more than fuel, it needs to taste great too. We want you to be able to enjoy your healthy choices by eating foods rich in thoughtfully balanced macro and micro nutrients, having access to key information, and making eating in a health focussed way easy. Our goal is to create an experience that feeds you well. In more ways than one, because great health is an inside job.

We have all done restrictive eating, the latest fads and all the diets out there. And we all also know they don’t work in the long term. Ever wondered why? It’s because diets work against our natural food instincts. If we limit and restrict foods (which is possible for a period of time) we label those foods as bad, and then our distorted relationship with food is born. Feeding into a lasting cycle of uncomfortable and truly unhealthy eating habits. At Poké Food, we believe that health is a habit, so it is important to create habits we can sustain over time. This will help reinforce a more positive relationship with food whilst energising and supporting our incredible bodies!

A Better Plan

Eating intuitively by choosing foods that have purpose, taste delicious and leave you feeling satisfied — is a plan for life.

We believe that when you know what you are eating is good for you, you can enjoy it even more. We also believe that your time is precious — and so is your health.

We seek to support you by making your health OUR priority, so you can do everything else you need to do.

All food is prepared fresh daily in our kitchen and delivered directly to you. We are proud that our products never contain artificial additives or preservatives, so they maintain their fresh, natural taste. When life and food are positively linked, it cannot be about one or the other.

Poké Food is about a way of eating each day that fits into the way you aspire to live your life and better support how you want to feel.

Healthy Food Near You

At Poké Food, we want you to feel good about your meals, from beginning to end. Which is why we put in the effort- from selecting the best seasonal ingredients and writing exciting new menus for your meals, to choosing packaging that is good for our world. We only use biodegradable, reusable, recyclable or recycled packaging and we always pledge to remain on the cutting edge of environmentally conscious packaging and products.

Our business is feeding people; so how it’s prepared has a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, as well as communities and the environment. We start with the best ingredients, cook from the heart and let our food do the talking. No compromises, no matter what. Sustainability is at the core of all the choices we make, from our food, to our planet, to the future of farming. It’s in our DNA. This is food cooked by chefs who prioritise wellness, health, and refuse to compromise on flavour.

The team here at Poké Food have over 25 years’ experience in fitness, nutrition, events, kitchens and restaurants in Cornwall, London and Paris. Making the healthy and sustainable choice isn’t always easy- but at Poke Food, it’s always good.