Delivering 18 miles in and around Porthleven.
Including Helston, Hayle and Long Rock.


Daily Poké

Poké bowl food healthy delivery to Porthleven, Helston, Hayle and Long Rock Cornwall


Superbowl falafel healthy food delivery Porthleven, Helston, Hayle and Long Rock Cornwall

Thats A Wrap

Wrap healthy food take away delivered Porthleven, Helston, Hayle and Long Rock Cornwalll

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls healthy food delivery Porthlevan St Ives Helston Poké Food Cornwall

Rasta Pasta

healthy pasta takeaway delivery Cornwall Porthleavan St Ives Helston

Hot Stuff

Dhal soup hot healthy food delivery Porthleven, Helston, Hayle and Long Rock Cornwall

Pide & Dukkah

bread pide quality homemade fresh takeway food porthlevan cornwall

Breakfast pots

smoothie breakfast pot healthy food delivery st ives porthlevan helston cornwall Poke Food

Cake Me Baby

Fresh lemon cake healthy food delivery Porthleven, Helston, Hayle and Long Rock Cornwall


Jacks Kombucha Poké Food Cornwall healthy takeaway


Raw pressed juice Poké Food healthy takeaway delivery Cornwall

Canned wines

Canned wines from Poke Food Cornwall
From £13.00

Natural biodynamic wines

Natual biodynamic wines delivery cornwall Porthleven, Helston, Hayle and Long Rock
From £28.00


Cheese & Charcuterie platter board delivery take away Porthlevan Helston St Ives Cornwall

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Serene Strong

"As a nutritionist and trainer, I appreciate the importance of natural, quality food to support an active lifestyle. Poké has made healthy eating enjoyable again!"


About Serene →

Training and nutrition types

Muscle gains

These Poké boxes contain a double serving of protein to boost muscle building. Enabling the growth and repair of muscle cells and aid recovery.

Elimination / detox

You might find that you feel better on a diet that excludes gluten and dairy and includes low FODMAP foods – and we cater for that too!

Low carb

Touted as an effective weight-loss (or fat-loss) method, reduce the amount of calories you consume, which will enable you to lose weight.


Our protein-inspired meals are created in a way to ensure satiety, support muscle mass, improve immune system and contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails.


We include natural sources of protein, accompanied by small amounts of calciumrich dairy and plenty of vibrant grains and vegetables, all flavoured in the most exciting way.

Low calorie

Meals included in this package, whilst balanced, are all under 400 calories. Whist they might be low in calories, they aren’t low in flavour or goodness so eat up and enjoy!

Poké Food is up there with one of my best food finds - It’s convenient, nutritious and delicious! As a business owner in the health and fitness industry, one of the hardest things is balancing nutrition with training and a very busy career / lifestyle. This is one of the most common difficulties I hear with clients when we break down their eating options and habits. The beauty of Poké Food is how much easier they have made that process! Delivering delicious, macro friendly food to your gym or front door to enable us to carry on our busy lifestyles. Hats off to Jamie and the team for developing a much needed food solution!

Poké Food is awesome! As a competitive powerlifter and strength coach, good nutrition is a priority for me. Having meals delivered (which are calorie and macro counted) saves me time and stress. The food is always delicious unlike “bodybuilding” style meal prep companies I’ve tried before. No more bland, dry chicken! Would highly recommend!

Poke Food is so good. Really tasty and amazing recipes... great value and such an easy way to make sure I eat healthy / fresh. There's a lot of great variety and I’ve absolutely loved every meal so far. This is such a saviour for people who have a crazy busy lifestyle but also want a healthy lifestyle!

Having delicious food ready to go, is so convenient and stress free. I can’t recommend enough to anyone who find it hard to find the time to prep their food, it saves so much time and is a real treat to have a healthy, prepared fresh meals every day... well worth it than just grabbing whatever you can on the go!

Poke has allowed me to stay in shape, and enjoy doing it! If you’re looking for a nutrition solution – to improve health, to meet your macros, to re-invigorate your eating habits or simply save precious time – I encourage you to give them a try too!